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Discover Aquatics Parent Tot Classes Starting at 4 Months at Discover Aquatics (Olympia, WA)

Discover Aquatics Parent Tot Classes Starting at 4 Months at Discover Aquatics

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Discover Aquatics offer a great Parent Tot Program starting at 4 months

Swimming Improves Cognitive Functioning
Bilateral cross-patterning movements, which use both sides of the body to carry out an action, help your babyandrsquo.s brain grow.

Cross-patterning movements build neurons throughout the brain, but especially in the corpus callosum, which facilitates communication, feedback, and modulation from one side of the brain to another. Down the road, this improves:

Parent and Tot Bonding

With busy lives as a parent, special one-on-one time with your baby is needed. Swim Schools Parent-Tot lessons provide special time for you and your little one to bond as you work together on adjusting to the water and to many lifesaving skills. Our swim lessons incorporate songs and movements that teach skills, provide lots of opportunities for affirming and building trust with one another, and provide time for plenty of FUN!

Discover Aquatics offer Parent Tot Classes daily with day classes on Tuesday and Thursday - Evening classes Monday through Thursday and both Saturday and Sunday options.

Call 360-867-9283 to get started or to give Parent Tot classes as a gift!


Life is great....swimming makes it better!

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