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Discover Aquatics November Swim Lessons

Discover Aqautics Swim School Now Enrolling for November Swim Lessons!




Five reasons every child should learn to swim:



1. Swimming lessons save lives. Swimming teaches children essential water safety skills that could save their lives or the lives of others.

2. Swimming builds confidence as children acquire new skills and put them to the test. Swimming also builds self esteem and provides participants with a sense of achievement.

3. Swimming is a healthy, low-impact form of physical activity and provides a full body workout. It is one of the best overall exercises for cardiovascular health, flexibility and endurance. Best of all, it is fun!

4. Water games and swimming with family and friends provide a perfect opportunity for active play.

5. Swimming provides a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child



Call 360-867-9283 for more information or to enroll by phone

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Life is great....swimming makes it better!

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Discover Aquatics November Swim Lessons (10/22/2018)

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