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Children's Classes at Discover Aquatics (Olympia, WA)

Children's Classes at Discover Aquatics

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Our swimmers are placed in skill level & age appropriate classes! Prices are shown at the bottom of the page. 


Parent-Tot 1: This class is designed for our youngest swimmers, 4 – 18 months of age.

Each baby is in the water with one adult with a student to teacher class ratio of 7:1. The teacher will work with parents and babies on different holds, songs and activities that create a positive and bonding aquatic experience.



Parent –Tot 2:  This class is designed for swimmers 18 – 36 months of age.

Each toddler is in the water with one adult, and the student to teacher ratio is 7:1. The teacher's focus is to keep these movers going with a routine of playful activities, songs and games. 



Children graduate to regular swim classes when they reach 3 years of age or when they have displayed that they can sit and wait their turn. These skills are practiced through repetition, with patience and support from our trained teachers! 


Splashers:  Level 1 - Beginners Bubblers:  Level 2 - Advanced Beginners
Get in with a smile Walk at bottom of pool
Use "walking feet" on pool deck Hum nose bubbles with kangaroo hops - assisted
Demonstrate handrail and platform safety Jump in and return to wall independently
Crab crawl Front float 10 seconds
Climb in and out of pool Back float 10 seconds
Blow bubbles for 5 seconds Retrieve rings at 4 feet - assisted
Go under water comfortably for 5 seconds Front glide with eyes in
Beginning flutter kick Sit down dive
Float independently on a "noodle boat" Swim around instructor at platform
Student to teacher ratio for this class is 3:1 Student to teacher ratio for this class is 3:1
Kickers:  Level 3 - Beginning Intermediate
Explorers:  Level 4 - Intermediate
Back glide with flutter kicks - width Dolphin body with arms - 3-4 kicks:1 arm
Take a pop up breath Front crawl and roll to back for breath - width
Kangaroo hops at 4 feet independently Swim under water 10 feet
Log rolls Back crawl - width
Retrieve rings at 4 feet independently Traveling kangaroo hops
Independent jump in and return to side Swim to deep end without floatation
Swim to deep end with a kickboard Deep end jump in without goggles and roll to back
Dolphin body kick Elementary backstroke
Student to teacher ratio for this class is 3:1 Student to teacher ratio for this class is 4:1
Travelers:  Level 5 - Advanced Intermediate
Swimmers:  Level 6 - Advanced
Beginning butterfly rhythm Refinement of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly & breaststroke
Traveling bobs towards deep end IM - Individual Medley
Freestyle with side breathing Starts, turns and finishes
Backstroke Sidestroke
Breaststroke kick Tread water 2 + minutes
Tread water 10 minutes continuous swimming
Standing dive Jr. Lifeguarding skills
Student to teacher ratio for this class is 4:1 Student to teacher ratio for this class is 4:1

Swim Clinic is designed for swimmers to build endurance and stroke technique. This class is a hour long and takes up the full length of the pool ''75 feet'', where a trained swim coach will custom create workouts. Students wishing to participate need instructor approval. Student to teacher ratio for this class is 6:1.




Prices for all classes:
Group: $77.00 per month
Semi-Private: $97.00 per month
Private: $45 per lesson

Swim Clinic or Aqua Adventures: $92.00 ''class is 1 hour''


Home School - Offered during school year on

Tuesday 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Wednesday 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Thursday 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Class is 1 hour long - cost $92.00


Annual Registration Fee:
Individual - $30 per year
Family ''up to 4'' $45 per year ***Additional Family $5 each 









Life is great....swimming makes it better!

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